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Radwin Jet for Skyband Malawi

Radwin Jet for Skyband Radwin has announced that leading ISP Skyband has deployed the Radwin Jet Beamforming point-to-multipoint (PtMP) solutions in the licensed 3.x GHz band, to serve major corporate customers including banks and government organisations in Blantyre and Lilongwe. Asif Kassam, CTO at Skyband said that the solutions will allow Skyband to ‘stay ahead of the competition and provide valued enterprise clients with ultra-capacity SLA service’. Skyband has upgraded from Radwin’s 5000 products, which it deployed in 2011. Beacon Telecom, Radwin’s certified partner, was the distributor for the project. Faizal Seedat, Network Operations Center, Skyband: “The major challenge in this deployment was the high interference in the cities where many of our customers operate. Jet’s Smart Beamforming technology mitigates interference and allows us to maximize frequency planning and channel reuse.” Helit Bauberg, CTO at Beacon Telecom: “Together we redesigned the network and supported the migration process and we remain committed to ensuring that Skyband’s network is always a step ahead of the market.”

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